Australian Branch
Fans from the Land Down Under

Members: Sharon Benson, Adam Cretier, Kat Hrynko, Ross "Rosco" Kelly, Mark Moore, Ian "Renior" Rennie, Colleen Rossi, Gregor Shevtzoff, Julie Segal, Gavin Shaw, John Shaw, Andrew Saint, PK Tate (late), Chris Wiltshire and Meredith Yardley.

It’s probably something to do with our history - Aussies tend to love the outsider, the underdog – the misfit.

And let’s face it – you can’t get much more misfit than a Scottish League team which plays its home games in England.

Before I left for my holiday in Scotland in 2007 Adam and Mark asked me to bring them back each a jersey from “an interesting team – not one of the big ones!”

Well – the choice was an easy one, wasn’t it? Especially when so many people around the Club made me feel so welcome when I visited. And since then I’ve had plenty of welcome contact and encouragement from Rodelle – a great ambassador for the Supporters’ Club.

So with great pride we wore our Divison 3 Champions jerseys. And we suffered with all of you as last season’s disappointing results were dug out, in tiny print from deep within whatever Australian newspapers bothered to report them.

Brief match reports are a little easier to come by, thanks to a fine paper called the British Football Week but that means waiting until Wednesday to know what happened on the weekend.

It’s surprising how often someone will stop us in the street, or at a home game of the Queensland Roar (our local side) and say “That’s a Berwick Rangers jersey! I never expected to see one of them here!” We just smile proudly at the recognition.

It’s a new season, bringing new hope. We still wear our shirts with pride, and look forward to a new set of Champion shirts to be worn next season. Airfares and the exchange rate are a bit daunting at present, so you probably won’t see us at a game for a while yet – but know that we’re with you in spirit!

Ian Rennie. Tarragindi, Australia

left -A pre-match drink - g'd on ya sport!

Right - Outside the Regatta Hotel - the local watering hole!




The Origins of a Meaningful Name: Gill's Old Bastards.

During WW2 a couple of US servicemen stationed in Australia were struck by the locals' willingness to accept "G'day ya old bastard" as a friendly greeting, without it starting a fight. 
Impressed by this and the spirit of mateship they encountered, on return to the US they formed The International Order Of Old Bastards.
Word got back to Australia eventually, and in the mid-60's the Australasian Order Of Old Bastards was formed. The idea of the Order, basically, was/is to be a social group which raises money for worthwhile charities.
There are several Branches of the AOOB around this country.
The Brisbane Branch was formed last year, and named "Gill's Old Bastards" in memory of my late wife. The majority of the money we raise goes to a couple of cancer-related charities here. We donated over $12,000 in our first year of operation - not bad as we're working this out as we go along! 
The idea of sponsoring a seat (eventually seats) in the GOB's name appealed to me – if any of our members are heading for the UK I can prompt them to pay the Club a visit!

Ian Rennie 21 Prior Street.,
Q 4121

For good times and doing some good!

The Australasian Order of Old Bastards (AOOB) was formed in Glebe in 1968, dedicated to joviality and good fellowship, and raising money for charity. Since then the AOOB has donated over $4.8 million to a variety of worthy causes around Australia.
The local Branch of the AOOB is Gill’s Old Bastards, who meet at the Tank (371 Queen St, Brisbane City) after work on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month. Our aim is to combine an active social life with making a positive difference in people’s lives.
Gill’s Old Bastards were named in memory of Gillian Rennie (19/7/62 - 19/11/06) whose great sense of fun, and lifelong care for others inspired creation of the Branch.
The Rules are simple:

1. Age and marital status of parents (notwithstanding our glorious name) are irrelevant.

2. It is sufficient to have been acclaimed at least once by friends as an Old Bastard.

3. Members must be jovial and hearty at all times, including shouting in your turn.

4. On encountering other OB’s one must administer a slap on the back and the greeting “G’day you old bastard!”

5. Failure to produce membership card or badge when challenged by another OB incurs a penalty of one round of drinks for the table (not the bar).

If you’d like to join Gill’s Old Bastards (only $15 for Life Membership), and/or help in any way with fundraising efforts, please drop us a line at Ian Rennie - G.O.B.’s Bastard Who Writes (Hon. Secretary) – 0419840406

Shielfield Park Visit 2010

Two members of the Australian branch of the Berwick Rangers Supporters' Club paid a visit to Shielfield on Saturday 24th April 2010 for the last home game of the season.

Ian Rennie (left in pictures), the founding member of the branch, and Ross 'Rosco' Kelly had been in the UK since mid-April, visiting friends and relatives across the UK.

Arriving from Aviemore on Saturday morning, the pair quickly booked into their accommodation at the Rob Roy before heading straight to the Black and Gold!

Joined for pre-match drinks by Rodelle Purvis, secretary of Berwick Rangers Supporters Club, and other Borders branch members, Ian and Rosco were then invited for a guided tour of the club by commercial manager Conrad Turner.

After being shown around, the pair were introduced to the chairman and directors of the club, as well as some scotch whisky in the boardroom, before being shown the club's 'Wall of Honour', which proudly boasts the name of Ian's charity, Gill's Old Bastards, named in memory of Ian's wife.

Finally, before the players took to the pitch for their pre-match warm-ups, Ian and Rosco were allowed the privilege of walking on the hallowed turf.

Following the match, a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Albion Rovers, a few beers were enjoyed back in the Black and Gold, before the pair were given the honour of presenting the Borders Branch Player of the Year award to Andy McLean.

After a few more beers, Ian and Rosco were then whisked away to the Meadow House for a meal, before returning for a nightcap and chat with the locals at the Black and Gold. Ian and Rosco both said they had a fantastic stay and were made to feel welcome by everyone.

They thanked everyone at Berwick Rangers, the supporters club, Borders branch members, the Black and Gold, Rob Roy, and the Meadow House for making their trip to Berwick one of the highlights of their visit.

Rosco's visit in particular was rounded off very nicely, as he won £200 in the Black and Gold bond scheme draw!

The Australian branch of the supporters club has about 20 members, and is based in Brisbane, Queensland.

It came about following a visit to the UK by Ian in 2007. He was asked to take back some football shirts for some friends, on the proviso that they were from an 'interesting' team. Following a visit to Shielfield during his trip, Ian said he was made to feel so welcome that his choice was easy.

Ian said: "It's probably something to do with our history. Aussies tend to love the outsider, the underdog, the misfit. And let's face it - you can't get much more misfit than a Scottish league team which plays its home games in England".

Ian and Meridith visit 2013