Borders Branch

The Borders Branch was founded in 2006 by Derek Purvis who thought that since there were a few Berwick supporters from the central borders area who travelled to home games, it would be good to meet up, have a drink and talk about the highs and lows of the ‘dream team’

The first meetings took place in the Salmon Inn, Galashiels.  These were held on the Last Tuesday of every month, and we did have a few people come long to start with.  But, since the Salmon Inn is a local point for the Gala teams, and a pick-up point for the Hearts supporters, it wasn’t long before we felt a bit out of place!

S o, off we went to Kelso, where there are also some loyal supporters of the ‘dream team’, and home to our most enthusiastic supporter Kelso Kenny! 

Kenny is known to all who come to the matches...directors, players and supporters. You can’t help but get drawn into his world of excitement for all that is Berwick Rangers! The nights at Kelso are a full of fun and laughter, regardless of how well, or bad, we have played. We make up quizzes amongst ourselves...surprisingly; Kenny is usually the one with the facts and figures to keep us right!

We present a trophy to our elected Player of the Season at the final home game of the season, and have so far chosen:


2006/07: Stuart Fraser

2007/08: Iain Thomson

2008/09: Fraser McLaren

2009/10: Andy McLean

2010/11: Andy McLean

2011/12: Steven Notman

2012/13: Devon Jacobs

2013/14: Lee Currie

Anyone who likes a laugh and has an interest in Berwick Rangers, come along to the Black Swan on the Last Wednesday of every month at 7-30pm. We'll be there!


Berwick Rangers FC Supporters' Club
Borders Branch

Last Wednesday in every month at 
The Black Swan,

Why not come along and join in the patter, share your opinions and suggestions, have a laugh, or not, depending on how we are playing!

For further details contact Derek on 01896 668961