The Shielfield Park Redevelopment Strategy

The Supporters' Club, as leaseholders of Shielfield Park, has full responsibility for the maintenance and upgrading of the stadium.

In October 2007, the Supporters' Club purchased 100 seats to kick-start the redevelopment of Shielfield Park and with the help of seat sponsorship the number of seats purchased now stands at over 600.

With the main stand seating capacity currently at 1224, we would like to give you, a valued supporter, the chance to give continued financial support to help your club complete the renewal of the main stand seating, the first phase of the Shielfield Park Redevelopment Strategy, bringing the stadium into line with present day health and safety guidelines.

For the sum of £20, you can sponsor a seat and have your name added to the Wall of Honour which is situated in the director's/sponsor's viewing area at the back of the Main Stand, behind a glass screen but clearly visible for all to see.

Sponsor online through our online shop or download and complete the sponsor form before sending it, along with your £20, to:

The Secretary
Berwick Rangers Supporters’ Club
1 Cotgreen Road,

or hand the sponsor form and payment to any Supporters' Club committee member.

Download our forms here:-
Sponsor a seat
Membership form
Membership standing order form
Weekly scheme standing order form

Roll of Honour


Conni Aitchison Berwick Andrew Hodgson Alnwick   Janelle Purvis Galashiels
Robert Ainslie Tweedmouth Edward P Hope Tweedmouth   Rodelle Purvis Galashiels
Kevin Anderson Berwick Ronnie Hope Cramlington   Warren Purvis Galashiels
John Anstiss Fulham Keith Howe Darlington   Gillian Rennie Australia
Barry Archer Kent Seelagh Hume Norham   Ian Rennie Australia
Brian And Dorothy Athey Australia Alan Hush Berwick   Eck Renton Chirnside
Ian Badger Walsall Graham Hush Berwick   Elizabeth Renton Chirnside
Aaron Bell Berwick John Hush Berwick   Dave Reynolds Easingwold
Alan Bell Spittal Ian J. Hush Newcastle   Kevin Richardson Crowthorne
Ann Bell Spittal Martin Hush Berwick   Craig Robertson East Ord
Graham Bell Milngavie MichaelHushBerwick   Eleanor Robertson Livingston
IMO Gordon Bell Berwick Ronnie R. Hush Twedmouth   John Robertson Livingston
John Bell Berwick Fenwick Jackson Shoreswood   R. C Robertson Horncliffe
Peter Bell Tweedmouth Warren Jale Canada   Ian Robinson Felton
Ryan Bell Spittal Ron Moscrop Berwick   Ken Robson Galashiels
Angela Berwick Bristol Mark Leroy James London   Ronney Rybowski Kelso
Diane Berwick Bristol Cameron Jeffrey Spittal   Ruby M Rybowski Kelso
Francine Berwick Bristol Ian Jeffrey Spittal   Alan Scambler Tweedmouth
Phillip Berwick Bristol Dale Jones Tweedmouth   Bruce Scambler Tweedmouth
Robert Berwick Bristol   David Jepson Derby   Derek Scambler Tweedmouth
Eric Bryce Bathgate Ellis Johnson Berwick   Ellen Scambler Tweedmouth
J K Burgon Kent IMO John 'Josser' Johnson Berwick   Lewis Scambler Tweedmouth
Sylvia Burgon Berwick Oliver Johnson Berwick   Lynnette Scambler Tweedmouth
Tommy Butler Berwick Stuart G. Jones Berwick   Matthew Scandrett Middlesborough
Jeff Burnlees Wooler Peter Large Yorkley   Ramona Schmid Germany
Jordan Burnlees Wooler Nigel & Janet Lavender Norfolk   Wolfgang Schmid Germany
Josh Burnlees Wooler Davie Law Tweedmouth   David Scott Berwick
Jamie Burnlees Wooler V. S. Lee Tweedmouth   Julie Segal Australia
Jackson Burnlees Wooler Jock Letford Midlothian   David Sharp Newcastle
Brenda Burnlees Middlesex London Pete Warminster   Neil Simpson Berwick
Caitlyn Burnlees Wooler Ellie Lough Chirnside   IMO John Simpson Berwick
Bailey Burnlees Wooler Jake Lough Chirnside   Simmo Simpson Warminster
Susan Burns Norham Howard J. Lowry Worcester   Alex Skeldon Greenlaw
Charlie Campbell Berwick   Paul W. Ludlam Derby   Evelyn Skelly Spittal
Rev. Alan Cartwright Swinton Eric Ludlow Warminster   Neil Skelly Spittal
Raymond Chase Essex IMO Archie Lugget Berwick   Liam Smith Berwick
John Clark Derby Duncan Macrae Berwick   Martin Smith Hexham
Mike Connelly Liecester Oliver Maden Foulden   Tim Smith Hartburn
Ann Craig Lanarkshire J. Mathieson Tranent   Claire Spence Berwick
Mark Craig Herts Alex Matthews Leicester   Kathleen Spence Berwick
Paul Craig Lanarkshire Ben Matthews Leicester   Chris Spender Warminster
Russell Craig Lanarkshire Douglas Matthews Whitley Bay   Alan Stewart Foulden
Yvonne Craig Lanarkshire Tommy Matthews Berwick   Christine Stewart Foulden
Courtney Crawford Chirnside Eddie McCann Berwick   David Stewart Tweedmouth
Jimmy Crease Linlithgow Robert McEwan Alnwick   Marissa Stewart Tweedmouth
Megan Dawson Berwick D. McDougal Norham   P. Sullivan East Linton
Robbie Dawson Berwick Kirsty McLeod Berwick   Stevie Swerdya Scremerston
Robbie Jnr Dawson Berwick Alan Meins Shoreswood   Alex Swinney Tweedmouth
Walter Deicher Berwick Chris Mennell Telford   Emily Swinney Tweedmouth
Andrew Dewar Berwick Mered Ian Tarragindi Australia   Keith Swinney Tweedmouth
Gordon Dixon Berwick   Thomas H. Miller Hawick   Martin Swift Alloa
Dominic Doyle Coleford   M. Miller Berwick   Eric Tait Newcastle
Ben Drummond Berwick IMO Steven Mitchell Berwick   Chloe Thomas Berwick
Beth Drummond Berwick IMO Billy Mitchell Berwick   Luke Thomas Berwick
Malcolm Drummond Caereinion Joyce Mitchell Berwick   A. D. B Thompson Darlington
Stephen Drummond Caereinion Alan Montgomery Berwick   Rod Thompson Darlington
I. Duguid Dunbar Gillian Montgomery Berwick   Wendy Thompson Darlington
IMO Dick Dunn Berwick Siouxsie Montgomery Berwick   Karen Thorburn Spittal
IMO Elsie Dunn Berwick Danny Montgomery Berwick   Raymond Thorpe Berwick
Kieron Egon Berwick William Morgan Norham   Keith Topham Sheffield
Dean Eyre Berwick Carol Morrison Scremerston   Charles Trotter Berwick
Len Eyre Berwick Robin Morrison Scremerston   Michael Trotter Cambridgeshire
John Eyre Berwick Fiona Morrison Dundee   Conrad Turner Tweedmouth
Peter Falconer Australia John Morrison Dundee   Nick Vagg Glasgow
D. Flannigan Berwick Ruairidh Morrison Dundee   Charlene Waite Coleford
J. G. Flannigan Berwick Ronald Moscrop Tweedmouth   Rebekah Wakefield Berwick
John Flannigan Tweedmouth Barry Mortimer Middlesex   Jamie Welton Chesterfield
Morgan Flannigan Tweedmouth Ben Mowbray Berwick   Sandra Weston Wooler
Poppy Flannigan Tweedmouth Robin Murdie Durham   Wilbur The Dog Kelso
Tayler Grey Flannigan Berwick Roy Murray Essex   Heidi Wilson Berwick
Wendy Flannigan Tweedmouth Annette Nisbet Foulden   Portia Wilson Berwick
Craig Forsyth Berwick Jim Nisbet Foulden   Robert L. Wilson Berwick
Ewan Frater Berwick Con O'Callaghan Tyne & Wear   Mike Wilkins West Bromich
Les French Kent Ian 'P' Oliver Berwick   Neil Withington Preston
Thomas Colven Frizzel Coldingham Neil Oliver Scremerston   Meredith Yardley Australia
Steve Gallacher Kent Muriel Oliver Berwick   John Young Galashiels
James Gargan Berwick   Ryan Oliver Scremerston   BRFC Alnwick
Ronald Gayler Eastleigh David Pagan Spittal   Bell Training Services Berwick
Christine Gayler Eastleigh IMO Mark Pagan Spittal   BRFC Supporters Club
Collin Gettins Manchester Robin Parkin East Ord   Borders BRFC Supporters Club
Ian Gladstone Foulden William R. Parkin East Ord   BRFC Supporters Trust
Paul Glassborow Sussex Lewis Perryman Berwick   Buds Florist
Collin Graham East Ord Brian Porteous Dunbar   Border Embroideries Ltd
IMO Robert Grieve Tweedmouth Callum Porteous Dunbar   FtT
Robin Grieve Berwick Calum Prior Essex   Gills Old Bastards,
Mick Hall Norham David Prior Essex   Howdens Joinery Co
Stephen Hall London Derek Prior Essex   Colonel Knut C. B. E & B. A. R
Stephen Harmsworth London Shiela Prior Essex   The Lee Family Colorado, USA
IMO Robert Scott Hawkyard Ripon Stacey Prior Essex   Malcolm Miller Builders
Jack Heston North Sunderland Richard Purkis Walton on Thames   Safe Remedies LTD
Arthur Herriott Berwick Bill Purvis Swinton   The Blue Bell Belford
Ray Hewell Berwick   Derek Purvis Galashiels   The Essex Boys
Angela Berwick Bristol
Dianne Berwick Bristol
Francine Berwick Bristol
Phillip Berwick Bristol
Robert Berwick Bristol