Warminster Branch

Left to right: Martin, Chris, Steve, Amy, George, Eric, Dave, Andrew, Peter, Richard, and Stuart.

Here’s a quick profile of the gang - and the 'other' team they support!

Martin (Mart) runs the pub with his partner, Portsmouth,
Chris, (Spenny) Junction 18 warehouse manager, Berwick Rangers
Steven (Steve), design engineer, Liverpool
Amy (Ames or Amer) administrator, Manchester United
George (Herman) electronics engineer, Borussia Moenchengladbach
Eric, (Big E) retired chief range warden, Blackpool
Dave (Dusty) retired insurance man, Walsall
Andrew (Andy), warehouse liason officer, Liverpool
Peter, (Albert or London Pete) retired London nightclub manager, Berwick Rangers
Richard (Rich) Tesco lorry driver, Aldershot
Stuart (Yoda) air traffic control instructor, Sheffield United

How did all this start?
Eric explains: "There was a few of us in the Bell & Crown just after Christmas and the usual subject was being talked about - football. Someone suggested that we should all support the same team, but which one? Berwick Rangers was mentioned, everyone agreed, and here we are." Eric continued:"It was a bit of a laugh to start with but a noticeable difference has taken place recently and now the main talking point in the pub is which game are we going to see. It's yet to be decided, but all 11 of us have agreed to fly to Newcastle, completing the journey to Berwick by mini-bus, and staying overnight before travelling back."

The Bell & Crown
66 Deverill Road, Warminster. Wiltshire BA12 9QS

The Bell & Crown sporting the England flag!

Warminster Branch Visit Shielfield Park

Pictures from the trip to Shielfield Park for the match versus Annan Athletic on 27th April 2013

It’s not unusual for football fans to travel thousands of miles to see the big match. Supporters of Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool are all used to hopping on and off planes to watch their team play.

Joining the jet setting fans this year has been a group of football supporters from Warminster who flew off ‘abroad’ to watch their team play.

The Warminster branch of the Berwick Rangers FC Supporters’ Club decided to show their commitment for their team by flying north to watch the lads play in the Scottish Football League.

The branch was formed when 13 regulars at the Bell and Crown decided to find a team to support together. Seizing on the oddity of Berwick being the only English team to play in the Scottish Football League as an excuse to support them, the branch was and the team followed through every high and low.

The members decided to show their full commitment by sponsoring a match and going up to watch them play. Six of the supporters flew up to Newcastle from Bristol and travelled north to Berwick where they were treated like guests of honour at the club. They had a conducted tour of the club, met the players and manager.

After a hearty lunch of scotch pie, chips and peas they cheered the team in their match against Annan Athletic. Unfortunately Berwick lost 2-0, but with great loyalty, the members of the Warminster branch insisted it was closer than it sounded.

Warminster Supporters’ Club chairman Eric Ludlow said: “It was absolutely superb. Everyone was so friendly and we were made so welcome. It’s a lovely club ground.

“We presented the club chairman Brian Porteous with a plaque marking our first visit to the club. I’m sure we’ll go back and we had such a great time.”

The next day, the Warminster visitors saw some of the local sights including Lindisfarne, Seahouses, Bamburgh and Alnwick before flying home.

Eric added: “It was an exhausting weekend but we’ve established a great relationship between Warminster and Berwick that we want to build on in the future so we’re looking forward to next season.

Article edited from the Warminster Journal published Friday 7th June 2013

2013/14 saw the return of the Warminster Supporters Club for the final game of the season against Peterhead, unfortunately ending in a 2-1 defeat.