The Weekly Scheme





To join either the Supporters' Club Weekly Scheme or the Black & Gold Bond Scheme, run by the football club, contact:

Conrad Turner
BRFC Commercial Manager
38 Shielfield Terrace
TD15 2EE

Tel: 01289 307969
Mob: 07790676185

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50% of the balance raised weekly if your three numbers combine to match the highest possible number of goals scored and help to raise vital funding for Berwick Rangers Football Club.

The Scheme Explained

Your three exclusive numbers on your membership card related to three teams printed on the front of the weekly result ticket or on the webpage. Your three numbers never change but the teams, representing home teams only, do. Your three teams aggregate goals scored must be the highest for that week of the competition and you can win up to £350 (current amount - see balance sheet) or a share of, if more than one person has the same amount of goals.

There is also a Snowball Jackpot which increases each week by £5. To win this your three teams must score (4) four goals each. Again you will win or share the jackpot. The three fours could also be the highest aggregate score too; the prize fund continues to grow until it’s won, therefore you stand a chance of winning the weekly scheme as well as the jackpot.

On the back of the weekly ticket, or on this webpage, you will find the balance sheet which gives the details of income and expenditure for that week, along with the wining names and codes.

How to Join
Click here to download the Standing Order Form

Ask any Supporters' Club committee member or agent for the triplicate membership card, fill it in, return two parts, and start paying your £1 per week - it’s as simple as that. Alternatively, fill in a standing order from, which already has the Supporters Club account details on, with your account details and your chosen frequency of payments before taking it to your bank. Your participation in the scheme will start from the date you have specified on the form. Then fill in the triplicate card and return as above to any committee member.
You don’t necessarily have to be a Supporters’ Club member to join the Weekly Scheme. If you have any further question, please contact:
Conrad Turner.
38 Shielfield Terrace, Tweedmouth, Berwick-upon-Tweed. TD15 2EE Tel: 01289 307969 M: 07790676185 Email:


1: Football teams represented by a number constitute the Scheme. Each member has a code or codes (according to subscription). No two subscribers have the same code.

2: Each week constitutes a complete dividend which must be won. If the codes showing the highest or lowest have not been issued, dividends will be paid to the next best.

3: Home teams only included in the competition. Any team not playing – score counts as two goals. Abandoned matches – score at end of play stands. Extra time does not count. Friendly matches to count. All teams stand as printed irrespective of change of date or change of venue prior to the Sunday.

4: Due to unavoidable changes to League programme (Sky TV etc.), scores from matches played Fridays and Sundays will count.

5: Dividends are paid weekly.

6: Members must pay their weekly subscription of £1 before receiving the weekly ticket. For any week in which no ticket is held by the member, the code will be void. All money must be in the agent’s hand by Friday.

7: Dividends:
Highest Combined Score
Snowball Jackpot 3x4 goals.
All other dividends are at the Promoter’s decision.

In the event that the number of winners on the highest combined score makes the payout less than £5.00 each, then the jackpot for that week will be divided by £5.00. Agent’s bonus stays as is.

8: In all cases the Promoter’s decision is final.

The Black and Gold Bond Scheme

It is our intention to pay out at every home league game a 1st prize of £200.00 and a 2nd prize of £50.00.

How it works

For just £90.00 you will be allocated an exclusive number from 1 to 200 which will be entered into the draw at every one of the 18 home league matches. This is equivalent to only £5.00 per game and represents excellent value for money. You may also pay per match, monthly or quarterly; whichever suits your circumstances.

The draw is made at half-time by an independent person, usually one of our match sponsors, on the clubs Random Number Selection Machine. There is no limit as to the amount of times you may win.